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Walk and Talk Therapy

Are you finding life more difficult than you hoped it would be?
Do you wish for better days ahead?
Would you like your relationships to be different?
Are you hoping to thrive instead of just survive?

If you are struggling with couple or family relationships, personal issues, depression,
anxiety or stress, you may be tired of the pain and strife. I offer the possibility of change through an extraordinary and exceptional type of therapy session: walk and talk therapy.

Comparable to traditional counseling, walk and talk therapy, includes the classic
counseling session with the addition of walking. Why walk? The opportunity to move,
according to numerous scientific studies, provides a number of positive benefits.

Exercise can relieve depression, assist in the processing of trauma, increase brain
fitness and provide an overall sense of well-being.

Ideal candidates for walk and therapy include:
  • Adolescents who may have difficulty opening up
  • Patients struggling with depression and anxiety
  • Clients who have been "stuck" in therapy
  • Individuals working through the grieving process
  • Older adults concerned about brain fitness and Alzheimer's prevention
Links to information on walk and talk therapy:
WebMD - Walk and Talk Therapy - http://www.webmd.com/balance/features/walk-and-talk-therapy
Media Articles on Walk and Talk Therapy - www.walkandtalk.com/media.html


What about confidentiality?
What if I run into somebody I know? This is an important question to consider and one
that I will discuss with you prior to any session. Many clients choose to just say,
"Hello" and continue walking. Two people walking together does not automatically
cause one to think, "That must be a therapy session." More likely people will think two
friends are walking and talking. Another concern may be that people may recognize me
as a therapist. If I see people I recognize, we can choose to head in a different direction
or proceed with a nod or wave. Having this discussion priority to walking assures that
your concerns and preferences are addressed to your satisfaction.

What about the weather?
Walking is never mandated, and when the weather does not cooperate, I do have an
office located at 3300 Douglas Blvd. Suite 190, Roseville.

Where do we walk?
You may choose from a variety of local parks in Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay, and
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